Music + Sounds


THE NAUSEA – Experimental Violin/Noise
ZERO FOCUS – Electronic Music

Composition (selected works )

  • April 2024: “Cave”
    • For sextet (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion), commissioned by Continuum Ensemble and Canadian League of Composers.
    • 3 movements (Shadows, Sun, Return)
    • 14 minutes
    • COMING SOON: Listen/Watch
  • September 2023: “The Parasite”
    • Sound installation based on original short story for Rumble Theatre’s “Symbiotic”program (Composer, Writer), Listen/Watch
  • September 2023: “Ripple”
    • presented at the APNÉES PAYSAGES | COMPOSÉS 2023 Festival in Grenoble, France
    • Festival program
  • August 2023: Film Score for “Our River, Our Water, Our Way” by Director Jessie Anthony

Compositions In Development

  • In Development: Film Score for “Black Fly: An Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus”
    • due Spring 2024
  • In Development: An Opera Adaptation of Dante’s Inferno
    • written by Omari Newton and Amy Lee Lavoie, produced by re:Naissance Opera (composer)

Sound Art (selected works)

June 2023 – Commission, Rumble Sound System, Music/Sound adaptation of Roshni Riar’s poem “When My Father Becomes a Cobra”
May 2021 – Commission, One Page Score Project by Vancouver New Music
December 2020 – Commission, Polydimensional Scores Project by Vancouver New Music


Dark Recollection (dark wave, electronic) – composer, lyricist, lead synth, vocals
The Nausea (experimental/avant garde) – composer, multi-instrumentalist
Temple of Abandonment (rock, doom) – drummer
Grave Infestation (death metal) – drummer
Ceremonial Bloodbath (death metal) – drummer

+ session work/comissions as a violinist or percussionist for:
Vancouver New Music (various projects)
Roxanne Nesbitt
Fortuna Durutti Marinetti