Anju Singh is a composer, musician, and media artist based in Vancouver, BC who works with traditional instruments, electronics, found sounds, custom-built instruments, photography, video, serigraphy, and film to create works that explore tension and conflict. Anju’s practice is an exploration of texture through the use of extended or experimental techniques, use of electronics, experimenting with musical and non-musical materials, and electronic processing. One of the core processes in her practice is to use methods of deconstruction and reanimation to repurpose and contextualize materials in new compositional environments.

Anju’s work has been presented across Canada, in Europe, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States at festivals, galleries, and events in a variety of spaces including Send + Receive Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Polygon Gallery, and artist run/underground spaces.

Anju also works as a non-profit, technology, and arts consultant. Her professional work expands across Canada and internationally.

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