Anju Singh

consulting | project management | strategy | technology | facilitation

I am a freelance consultant/project manager, facilitator, and practicing artist/musician based in the Lower Mainland with over 15 years of experience working in the arts and non-profit sectors in leadership, technical, and administrative roles. Over the past 11 years I have been focusing on specializing in the areas of organizational development, anti-oppression/systems change work, web/software development, and project management. 

Like many of us who have worked in these sectors for many years, I developed strong skills as a generalist and learned to understand and function in many areas of organizational management and development. My areas of specialization and passion include anti-oppression/systems change work, digital transformation, and organizational development for sustainability. The sectors I have the most experience in include arts, non-profit, and co-operative models. For my personal projects, I have historically leaned towards collective and artist-run-centre models.


Strategy + Consultation

  • anti-oppression workshops
  • strategic & annual planning 
  • workshop facilitation
  • organizational development


  • consultation & support
  • project management
  • software/web development 
  • technical systems support


design + layout

sound design, composition, and soundtracks

video production and editing

Check out the other projects I'm working on:

  • BC RENT BANK - Technical Consultant/Developer
  • BC Rent Bank is a Vancity Community Foundation project that aims to prevent homelessness through the administration of rent bank loans across the province. The project recently launched a province-wide client management system to centrally manage their data.

  • CanTrust is a hosting co-operative that offers website and application hosting with privacy and data security at the forefront of its priorities. With all servers located in Canada, CanTrust offers a unique service of human-focused managed hosting to ensure that our data is secure and safe.
  • CULTUREBREW.ART (CBA) - Technical Director
  • A national initiative, CBA is a digital platform for Indigenous and racialized artists to be searched and found by potential engagers in the arts and beyond to increase representation and equity on screen, and on stage. CBA is an initative of Visceral Visions.
  • DUPLEX - Anti-Oppression Workshop + Facilitation
  • This space is after my own heart and I am enjoying working with these folks. After many years of organizing artist-run studios, I was really excited to support Duplex with their own development.


  • I am supporting the build of PLEO's digital tool to support non-profits and arts organizations, administrators, and practioners to have low barrier access to legal information. PLEO's goal is to ensure that justice education is easily and accessibly available to arts and non-profit sectors.

Previous organizations and individuals I have worked with:

  • ARTSPEAK - Strategic Planning + Facilitation
  • My favorite thing about this gallery is that they work with words and literary items in a way that is exciting and innovative. ARTSPEAK is also an artist-run-centre (noticing a theme here yet? Fun fact - I started my work in arts/non-profits in the artist-run-centre world!).

  • DIANE ROBERTS - Consultation/Grant Support
  • Diane is an established Canadian artist who is always working on amazing projects. The project I worked on helping to submit for a grant for is one that I'm really excited about - it is the SEEDPOOL project.
  • MEGAPHONE MAGAZINE - Technical Consultant/Project Manager
  • Megaphone Magazine and Hope in Shadows work closely with residents in the DTES to ensure that their stories are heard while upholding the integrity of "nothing about us without us". The fundraise with their magazine, their annual calendar, and this year, I ordered their dayplanner to (try) to stay organized!


  • OR GALLERY - Strategic Planning + Facilitation
  • OR Gallery is an artist run centre located in the heart of the city. They exhibit critical and interrogating works and their programming also includes education and access programs.

How I work and how to contact me:

I respond quickest by email and the following contact form. When you contact me, I will book a 15-30 minute meeting to understand your project and to confirm whether I am the best person for the project you are working on. The values of openness, anti-oppression, collaboration, and transparency are very important to me in how I work. I am highly responsive and while I am comfortable with lots of ambiguity, I can also take direction very well.

Please fill out the following form to get in touch. I look forward to speaking with you!